CBD Hemp Flower Shake

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Fragrance: Piney, Earthy, Herbal

Effects: Uplifting, Tranquil

Our full spectrum CBD hemp flower shake is the go to for those who like to stay medicated thru out the day. Well known for its outstanding recerational and medicinal properties, our CBD shake is the perfect thing for an everyday user., Our low cost, budget friendly full spectrum CBD shake is in a category of its own. Easily burn it, make tinctures, edibles and more CBD infused things with our high quality CBD shake. This shake has a pungent pine-like aroma that lets you know, automatically, that this pack is definitely a game changer.  This CBD shake is spot on with taste and potency, all for a cheap and reduced price. This smokable CBD flower is a mix of the same exact bud that you would get elsewhere on our site.  A great deal for those who use a lot and are looking for a deep discount on great quality flower.

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1 Ounce, 1 Pound