Paul Pierce: “Kevin Durant Is The Best Player In The World Today.”

Miami Rave kd

As I predicted the Golden State Warriors rolled past the Cleveland Cavaliers with relative ease and exquisite style. At halftime the Cav fans that were at the Quicken Loans Arena watch party in Cleveland had reason to believe Lebron and crew could steal game 2 from Dub Nation as the score was only 67 -64. However like a lap dancer the Warriors were merely teasing with the hearts and hopes of Cav fans around the nation. The final result of Game 2  was another overwhelming performance as the Warriors won 132 to 113.

After the game Paul Pierce also known as the Truth commented that Kevin Durant is the best player in the world today. His cohorts tried to slow down that motion as Chauncey Billups told him to stop it. All Paul Pierce could respond with was, “I’m drinking truth juice.”

But at this point it’s undeniable if you watched the game you know KD is on fire. He put up 33 points, dished out 6 dimes and grabbed 13 boards in a way that looked effortless. However the scary question for Lebron isn’t how he can slow down Kevin Durant, but also the Splash Brothers. Stephen Curry had a triple double while Klay Thompson came back to life with 22 points.

As this series shifts to Cleveland expect more people to start sipping truth juice with Paul Pierce because Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors are looking unstoppable.


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