Only in Florida: Florida Man Wields Machete to Protect Home

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Florida is a very beautiful state with pristine beaches, great sunshine almost all year round and several outdoor attractions. However, there is also a large number of crazy and impossible to make up  crime stories within the Sunshine State. There are so many outlandishly wild occurrences the state has a Facebook group called “Weird Florida”  that chronicles the different stories.

Well last week in Sarasota, Florida the unimaginable happened. Five would be robbers attempted to invade a home.

One of the robbers carried a shotgun. Now in most states someone pointing a shotgun at you  would stop anybody from trying to save the day.

But fortunately in this case the Floridian homeowner decided to spring into action. The released surveillance video shows the homeowner running away with the thieves in hot pursuit. Then suddenly the homeowner is chasing the intruders with a large machete knife.

In the crazy turn of events the homeowner and his family members were able to disarm the suspect with the shotgun. Eventually the police arrested all 5 men involved in the crime.

To see the video and get hilarious commentary see the clip below from Viceland’s show Desus and Mero.


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