New Song: DJ Khaled and Drake connect for “To The Max”

Miami Rave aasa

If you have been on DJ Khaled’s social media accounts you know he’s been waiting for Drake’s vocals for some time. Well, finally the Drake vocals are in and these two larger than life musical stars have gifted the world with a new song called “To The Max”.

If you were anticipating a heavy banger with a hard bass then you are going to be in for a sweet surprise when you here this joint. Off the bat we get a percussion beat reminiscent of a tribal rhythm. Some might call this song experimental for DJ Khaled whose become famous for major bangers and yelling out “Another One”. Also the distorted vocals from Drizzy could bring to mind some similarities to the voices in  South Florida’s rap movement.

However the best part of this effort by DJ Khaled and Drake is probably the cover art. DJ Khaled’s young son Asahd Khaled’s arms are stretched high in the air with an adorable smile,  donned in a Jordan onesie and gold chains around his neck.


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