New Music: Light Skin Keisha releases “Weather”

Light Skin Keisha, Atlanta social commentator and Instagram extraordinaire recently released a song titled “Weather.” The song produced by Willi Hendrixs is a smooth mix of of her infamous and hilarious weather  rant on youtube , banger beats and surprisingly hard bars from the rising multitalented star. You can check out her song here and the cover art below.

In other Light Skin Keisha news, the model, known for her brace-face look,  stopped by DJ Smallz Eyes 2 youtube channel for an interview. There she discussed the move in Atlanta and why she was a large influencer in girls wanting braces for looks and not actually dental needs.

When asked about if she knew women who would get braces to look cute she responded by saying, ” I didn’t necessarily create braces…… but do I feel like I have a big influence on these girls getting braces nowadays. Hell yeah I do.”

So if you decide to get braces for appearances instead of actual problems with your teeth remember to pay homage to Light Skin Keisha.


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