Mobb Deep Rapper Prodigy Choked On Egg & Died At Age Of 42

Miami Rave 222

Tribute to the recently deceased rapper Prodigy who died at the early age of 42 on June 20, 2017 in a LasVegas Hospital. Prodigy had to be pulled out of a fan meet-and-greet event after Saturday night’s concert in Las Vegas .The rapper’ security team noticed he was struggling. It appeared that his sickle cell was exacerbated by the extreme desert temps. Reports indicate it was as hot as 110 during the concert. The disease made him prone to dehydration and weakened his immune system. The apparent cause of death is that he choked on a egg while battling symptoms of sickle cell while hospitalized. The rapper has been suffering from the deadly disease that is responsible for thousands of deaths a year for a while. His music is featured everywhere in the industry with his unique sound and flow, many artist looked up to Prodigy and Mobb Deep. The entire community is saddened by this event and send condolences to his family and everyone effected by bis death. Prodigy’s legacy will go on and his music will tell his story forever. We love you Prodigy and enjoy the promise land our friend!

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