Miami Rave Shirts to hit the market soon!

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Miami Rave will soon be adding an apparel line to its growing list of branded products for sale in our online store. The brand new Miami Rave Shirts are sure to not only blow you away by their design, but keep you cool in hot rave-like weathers and conditions. Our shirts are made with a special synthetic blend that breathes extremely well and wicks moisture to cool the body faster and eliminate any annoying sweat spots. We will initially offer 4 designs with the Miami Rave Shirts coming in small/medium, large/xtra large, 2 xtra large/ 3xtra large. We are always looking for cool and unique ways to differentiate Miami Rave from the rest and make our company really stand out. If you have a rave shirt ideal in mind that you think would make a cool shirt, let us know!

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With everything that we produce we always use the highest quality materials available to bring you the highest quality experience you can have with us and our brand. These shirts are rave shirts that are meant to last. The Miami Rave Shirts are printed using a special technology called dye sublimation. Dye sublimation is a special process of burning high quality images and inks directly into the transferring fabric. This means that our designs are burned and fused into the actual fabrics and not ironed on or sewn in. This process makes your Miami Rave Shirt not only extremely flexible and breathable, but durable and built to last as well. With our fade resistant technology, your Miami Rave Shirts are designed to last a lifetime.

These shirts are only the the beginning of the Miami Rave Clothing Brand. We anticipate on coming out with more gear soon. As a real start up run by real people Miami Rave is making the ground move! Buy a shirt from us to show some support and love for the grind that is Miami Rave. I wonder what the matching hats would look like….

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