Miami Rave Exclusive Interview: Lottyre Rich

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MR: Tell us a little about Lottyre Rich. Who are you and what do you do?

Lottyre: (I am) an aspiring rap artist that is focused on taking it to the max. I am from Newark New Jersey and I reside on the coast of North Carolina. I have toured from New York to Florida. I have a definite passion for music and entertaining. Right now I work in the fishing industry to help fund my carrier. I much rather be perusing music 100% of the time. This is really what I want to dedicate my life to.

MR: I like that name “Lottyre Rich” makes me hyped every time I say it. How did you get it?

Lottyre:I have had many titles and nicknames threw out life, most of them were given to me by my piers though Lottyre Rich was the first name that I figured out myself. I have an expensive taste and lifestyle where I want to make the best out of everything. It started out as the cavair kid which multiplied into “Lottyre Rich”.

MR: When did you 1st start getting into producing music and why did you pursue such a career?

Lottyre: I started recording snippets of songs around 9 years old. I was motivated by the art of Hip Hop. It was ground breaking and I felt like it spoke to me directly. Music became a part of me and was it always there when I felt creative and I chose to perform or make a song.

MR: Im sure there were pitfalls on your way to success. What was the driving factor that made you want to pursuit this industry harder to get the type of success you saw yourself achieving?

Lottyre: There were many pitfalls. I have been caught up in a few scams from would be promoters and managers just looking to take advantage of up and coming artist. With that being said I was a little discouraged though I feel that it was not a choice to give up. There were many set backs but never shut down.

MR: Which artist(s) do you draw the most inspiration from? Any specific song(s)? I am inspired by all artist the good ones and the not so good ones. most of the artist that I like are not really mainstream.

Lottyre: I like Max B, Roc Marciano, Conway & Westside gun, Coremega, M.O.P. CNN just to name a few. I also like Gucci Mane songs like “Whats it gone Be”  I also get a lot of inspiration from New Jersey artist, the ones that are well know and the local neighborhood artist focused on Montclair and HCF. ( HOLLOW CRIME FAMILY) 4TH WARD $QUAD

MR: Are you currently working on any projects? If so, what are they?

Lottyre: I am working on a song right now with my Homie B Coop titled “Hot Sizzle” It is going to be a nice summer song. I am leaning a little towards what the trend is though I am staying in my own lane.

MR: Take us through your creative process; how long does it take you to formulate a concept for a beat, start piecing it together and then eventually finish it?

Lottyre: Mostly everything is spontaneous I just always have the felling and I put forth the effort to make a hit. I have made beats though I am more winning on the writing side. I feel comfortable with doing a song in a day if everything is flowing correctly. I say study long study wrong. More like get it and go. Ya know!

MR: Which artists do you want to work with in the future?

Lottyre: I am not pressed to work with anyone though I am open to working with anyone who can match my drive or they inspire me or If I might inspire them. I certainly intend to give back and bring along the next best up and coming Lottyre Rich.

MR: Are you interested at all in dabbling in other genres producing wise?

Lottyre: Yes all of the above, all the way down to christian and country music. There is no limitation to the potential or possibility.

MR: What makes you different from all other artist? Why are you going to be the next hot sensation?

Lottyre: I am the next big sensation basically   because my intention is to stick to the script and strive to raise the bar.  I want to be different still and all I just want to be the best me possible.  The market is very saturated with this and that where I am inspired by may great artist. Yet still and I just want to be me. Lottyre Richie P$T

MR: Anything extra you want to include? Like a shoutout or promo or something?

Lottyre: Really I would not be stating that I am the best, That is for the people to decide. I can only state that I will be pushing to be the best. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I just focus to work hard enough so that everybody can see me Raji.

MR: What do you think of Miami Rave?

Lottyre: Dream come true!! Anything Miami is a seller for me. All in all Miami Rave is for the consumer and the artist. This is an amazing platform for both parties to meet in the middle. Miami Rave is definitely bringing a lot to the table and I love em for that. Thank you Miami Rave for helping me get where I need to be.

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