Miami Rave Exclusive Interview: Jet Wilson

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Artist Name: Jet Wilson                                                          “Scottie Pippen” Music Video 
MR: When did you 1st start getting into producing music and why did you pursue such a career?
Jet: I heavily got in to music when I was about 15. Also i would rather say inspired than pursued, simply because i was inspired by lil wayne. When I saw his charisma and his confidence, I knew i wanted to be a recording artist.
MR: Im sure there were pitfalls on your way to success. What was the driving factor that made you want to pursuit this industry harder to get the type of success you saw yourself achieving?
Jet: The fact that i was always judged off my disability, I wanted to prove the norm wrong, while being a inspiration to kids who are like me or who ever felt like me. I feel as though God made me different for a reason… to prove that certain doors can be kicked down, and the simple fact that if I can do it.. you can too. Im tired of celebrities that have near perfect images telling kids with many flaws they can do it too…. those kids can’t relate to them….. they can never see their struggle… but mines, mines are out here for the world to see. I want people to see me overcome my disability and obstacles… so they can have HOPE… HOPE to overcome theirs.
MR: What is the hardest thing about being a new & upcoming artist?
Jet: Being accepted by the listeners and consumers…… but that comes with anything dealing with a brand. The hardest part is finding your lane, your demographic.
MR: Which artist(s) do you draw the most inspiration from? Any specific song(s)?
Jet: Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Pharrell, and Jay Z!!! Anytime im depressed or unispired I listen to 3 of kid cudi songs. Pursuit of Happiness, Soundtrack to My Life, The Funeral, or Kanye West Runaway.
MR: Are you currently working on any projects? If so, what are they?
Jet: Im currently working on my 7th Studio project. It will be an EP titled “The Jet Pack Kid” the album cover is really dope, you can peep it on my Instagam.
MR: Take us through your creative process; how long does it take you to formulate a concept for a song, start piecing it together and then eventually finish it?
Jet: When it comes to making a song, a good song….. It usually takes me a week. sometimes i’ll freestyle some lines, and write some in. its weird i have to write my verse on a facebook post.. if i don’t write my verse on a facebook post, my verse might just suck haha but i never post it though, I keep it to myself… I also mix and master my own music. So the mixing process takes the longest. I like to have all the sounds, levels, and peaks just right. I like my voice a certain way. then soon after i master the song…. and its a hit.
MR: Which artists do you want to work with in the future?
Jet: its a few to name, some artist some not.. Rick Rubin, Jimmy Iovine, Paul Mcartney, No ID, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Adelle, Madonna, Rihanna, Jay Z, Dj Khaled, Drake, Erykah Badu, Lauren Hill…… I cant come up with anymore off the top of my head but you get the gist.
MR: Are you interested at all in dabbling in other genres music wise?
Jet: Hell yeah, all the time! I always wanted to dabble in alternative music, especially pop music.
MR: What makes you different from all other artist? Why are you going to be the next hot sensation?
Jet: the fact that im different.. i guess because of my disability…… most artist have to go out there way to get notice….Me.. everybody notices me when i walk anywhere. My pain is an open canvas for anybody to see whether im wealthy or poor.  Also my business game is strong, and im literally the jack of all trades.. artist wise, business wise, and technology wise…. Im a power house.
MR: Anything extra you want to include? Like a shout out or promo or something?
Jet: yeah sure, Shout ou to my Label “Trac Squad Recordings” We taking over! and make sure you check out my Album Painted Melodies, available on Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, google play, shit everywhere… just listen to it…. its available everywhere!
Instagram/Twitter: @JETisMusic                                                “Painted Melodies” Album 
Our interview with Atlanta based rapper Jet Wilson was a great experience. One reason we decided to do the interview with Jet is because of his unique flow and approach to the rap game. With over 30.000 followers on Instagram, Jet Wilson is sure to take over the internet soon. The Miami Rave website is here to help promote and foster new artist of all kinds into mainstream media and to help them gain more popularity. Our Exclusive Interviews allow artist to connect better with their audience and gives them an outlet for them to tell us more about their careers. If you are artist, promoter, dancer, model, celebrity, fashion guru, ect and you would like to have a opportunity to have a interview and collaborate with Miami Rave please send your inquiries to . We are also proud to announce that Miami Rave has partnered with Jet to bring you great products like the Miami Rave Twisty Glass Blunt.  Check out Jet Wilson on social media to show some support and to get his special discount code.
 Be sure to check out Jet’s new Album : “Painted Melodies” . Also add him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter:@JETisMusic. Jet can also be found on youtube and soundcloud.

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