Miami Rave Exclusive Interview : J Profit

Miami Rave Exclusive Interview-stamp

MR: Tell us a little about J Profit. Who are you and what do you do?

JP: I am a Aspiring Artist From Brooklyn, NewYork. Creating tons great music that includes & mixes

90’s Hip-Hop with Rap, Alternative Underground, New Wave, and Trap Music..
I just say I got the “Sauce”!

MR: When did you 1st start getting into producing music and why did you pursue such a career?

JP: Well I always had music around me. I found that the music was a good way to get my words out
and I definitely wont stop making Hip-Hop music anytime soon.
( Title inspired by, @Britwavy Via: I.G.)

MR: Im sure there were pitfalls on your way to success. What was the driving factor that made you want to pursuit this industry harder to get the type of success you saw yourself achieving?

JP: The only “Pitfall” I ever had been always Financial obstacles like the price of music videos, studio time, music events, etc.
but I guess I would say, “The Struggle” was my best “Driving Factor” for achieving more & having ambition.

MR: What is the hardest thing about being a new & upcoming artist?

JP: “Standing Out” is the most challenging part of being “Fresh Talent”. such as Clothes, Accessories, Style, & Lingo.
I have a very original style when it comes to my “Day to Day” Gear and the way I communicate..
I just say I got the “Sauce”!

MR: Which artist(s) do you draw the most inspiration from? Any specific song(s)?

JP: I get inspired by people like Kanye West’s “Through The Wire” and Joey Bada$$’s “Waves” .
those guys were the “Creative Culture” that was so original in there own way. I’m Not Easily Inspired But
They Work “Out side of the Box” which is the best way to do it, in my eyes!

MR: Are you currently working on any projects? If so, what are they?

JP: My Next Project Drops in July, its called “PROFIT STARTS NOW” a 12 Track Mixtape.
that includes beats from Migos, PlayboiCarti, Future, MadeinTokyo, & Rich The Kid..
By Fall 2017 I will Release my first Debut Album which I decided to name “DIGITAL DASH”.

MR: Take us through your creative process; how long does it take you to formulate a concept for a beat, start piecing it together and then eventually finish it?

JP: When I get to the studio I usually already have a idea of what type of song I want to create.
I start to roll up 2 grams of Haze in a Backwood Cigar and smoke as I vibe to the beat.
it all starts with a freestyle after I catch the Flow, then I write down the first “4 bars” that are a Great Entry To
Begin My Verse With. I know my song is completed when the producer is ready to promote it instantly.
I think all songs should have 2 Verses, a Hook/Chorus, and some really good Ad-libs

MR: Which artists do you want to work with in the future?

JP: I Would Definitely want to work with people like, Nas, A$AP Rocky, CJ Fly, Uncle Murda, Joell Ortiz, Don Q, Fabolous, Future, and French Montana. They all seem to have a positive idea about the hip-hop game!

MR: Are you interested at all in dabbling in other genres producing wise?

JP: If I had to pick another genre to dabble with, it would most likely be Pop or R&B. The artist in those genres seem to get the crowd moving all the time!

MR: What makes you different from all other artist? Why are you going to be the next hot sensation?

JP: I’m young! which is a big factor in the Rap Game, and I have a different type of Rap Flow that mixes 90’s Style Rap
 With the Modern Music Like “Trap” & “New Wave”. I have that Energy that gets people excited, I guess
you can say i’m Going To Be The Next “Hot Sensation” Out There. like how can you hate on this?
I got a different type of Flavor..  I Got The “Sauce”!

MR: As Im sure you know, we are in Miami,Florida. What is life like in Brooklyn, New York? Any words of advice or places that we should check out when we are in the area?

JP: Life In Brooklyn is Really Unpredictable. Everyone wants to be the best at what they do, and everyone thinks that they have a multi-million dollar idea. But when u set aside all the negative comments you tend to find a lot of people that are on the same page as you and like the things your interested in. I usually hang on Bedford Ave. cause of all the Bars, Pizza Shops, and Art Shows that are there. Or I go to Any of the Piers Along Side The East River!

MR: Anything extra you want to include? Like a shoutout or promo or something?


JP: BIG SHOUT OUT TO BOTH MY MANAGERS @itz_djhof & @ferdxsantos (Via I.G.). ;
     ANOTHER SHOUT OUT TO @britwavy (via I.G.) for encouraging my music and creating the title on my first E.P. ;
@Johnboybeatsstudio , @LoudStudiosnyc , @Creativjay , @Sovereignce , @M.a_graphics .

MR: What do you think about Miami Rave?


 JP: I think MIAMIRAVE is a Dope Website for people to view and enjoy the Youth, Talent, & Culture in America Today.

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