Miami Rave Exclusive Interview: Alex Mali

Alex Mali is an up and coming music artist oozing with confidence and skill. The New York native can hit you with hard bars like in her song “Facts Only” or serenade you with charming melodies like  in her cover of SZA’s “Love Galore.”

Fortunately, Miami Rave got the opportunity to ask the talented artist some questions about her musical journey and inspirations in a written interview below.

MR: When did you first start getting into music?

 ALEX: I started making music in 2014, when I went to college. I released my first single “Is It Love” (prod. AfroKeys) to test the waters before I actually started creating music.

MR: Like in any field or career there are ups and downs. What is  the driving factor for you to reach toward success in the music industry? 

ALEX: There are actually multiple reasons keeping me going. There are definitely ups and downs, but my loyal supporters and/or non-believers make me want to succeed, make me want to make sure that my music is heard by everyone else in the world who might be feeling like I am, and letting them know they aren’t alone. I truly believe I was gifted this talent to share at a wide scale because good music heals.

 MR: What is the hardest thing about being a new and upcoming artist? 

ALEX: Being overlooked at times because you aren’t “big” enough. You need to work 1000 times more to prove your worth.

MR: Which artist do you draw the most inspiration from? 

ALEX: I can’t land on one specific artist, because I am influenced by many genres of music. But I will say that Beyonce is my idol, so I’d say that I draw inspiration from her, since that is what I have grown up following, and Kelis is definitely my spirit animal.

MR: What’s your favorite part about being a musician? Doing music videos, performing on stage? etc? 

ALEX: I’m generally excited by all aspects of being a musician. But, writing, and being on stage are definitely top tier because I can express myself with no regrets.

MR: How would you describe your creative process? How much does where you come from and your story play out in your music? 

ALEX: I usually hear a peice of production and analyze the story that it tells me, then tell that story from a personal perspective, or place myself in the shoes of an experience I may or may not have gone through. My music does also reflect my cultural background at times (I am Caribbean American — Mother Jamaican, Father Trinidadian.) , so I guess it plays a big role.

MR: Tell us about any new projects or performances you have coming up ?!?

ALEX: “Phenom” (prod. Monte Booker) and “Facts Only” (prod. PLVYHAUS) were just the beginning of multiple single releases, which might eventually lead up to a possible project. As for shows,I do have a couple of performances coming up, but those details are TBA. You can follow up on what I am doing via my social media (Instagram/Twitter: @mainlymali)!





If you want to learn more about Alex Mali you can check out the fun facts video below.

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