Miami Fashion Week 2017: Miami Rave Clothing Line

Miami Rave mf

(May 31-June 4) Signified the iconic week for fashion here in Miami and the start of an ideal that is now called The Miami Rave Clothing Line. This annual celebration of the arts and fashion communities happens annually in the Wynwood arts district, located right outside of downtown Miami. This years fashion show, as well as the vibe and intensity that the week gave our city made us want to make our own Miami Rave Clothing Line, so we did. With a little effort and thought, we drafted up some designs that we thought were cool and put the pen to paper. We are proud to say that we finally found a USA supplier for all of the raw materials needed to produce our rave shirts and future apparel. We will be using only the highest in quality for materials with goals to get at least 1 shirt in for next years fashion show. If you like the designs and you like our website and approach to new and vibrant ideals then please support us and Miami Rave by purchasing from our store and liking, commenting and sharing our content. We work very hard to provide high quality content and merchandise that we know you’ll love.

The Miami Rave Clothing Line will expand, with time, into all different types of clothing and gear for ravers and active people who love the vibe. Our shirts are looking to be available mid to end August 2017 with sneak peek releases of the designs coming soon. Stay tuned to see the hottest movements and new releases in Cannabis news, Music, Events and Social updates happening with Miami Rave and the community that we provide. Be sure to check out Miami Fashion Week 2018 next year and when you see someone in a Miami Rave shirt make sure to say hi.


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