Miami Rave Breaks 1,000 Instagram followers!

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We have done it!  Thanks to the support of this community, our new 7pipe twisty glass blunt and the hard work and dedication of the Miami Rave team, we have been able to gain our first 1,000 followers on Instagram. With our initial product release in February of the 7pipe twisty glass blunt, Miami Rave has gained a lot of momentum and seeks to become a major player in the media world. Our website boasts a lot of great information on smoke & vape trends and topics as well as new and upcoming music artists, producers and dj’s. Be sure to check out our Miami Rave store to keep a close look out for our newest product releases. We are launching a apparel line soon along with a couple of snapback hats and more gear. Be sure to stay updated to pricing on the 7pipe twisty glass blunt on the site. We continuously are running specials for you to take advantage of. Take a look at the Miami Rave 7Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt review and video to check it out and see how the glass blunt works. We also know some people prefer vaporizing rather than smoking. There is proven health benefits from choosing to vape over choosing to smoke. Plus its sometimes a personal choice. Check out our Miami Rave Vapes & Cartridges also located in the shop with more videos and demonstrations to come soon!

We want everyone to know that our following and fan base are our number 1 priority. Please subscribe to this site. There is no charge for subscription so there is no better way to show support and give this project a huge thumbs up. Miami Rave has been a thing in South Florida since 2010. With this website and our new innovative products, we strive to reach not only the rest of the east coast, but the entire USA and then the entire world.

Checking out Miami for spring break or a big event like Ultra Music Festival? Keep posted to our articles on the different events in the area. There is a lot of fun happening in and around Miami and Miami Rave is here to capture it all for you. Be sure to pick up one of our awesome shirts while you are here in Miami to show some love! And remember, its a culture and a lifestyle!

We are always looking for fresh and innovative ways to better the site and the company as a whole. Miami Rave is constantly looking for fresh and new talent in the music and arts industry to collaborate with. Our main passion and focus is getting artists and producers out there in front of prospective fans. By spreading our brand thru products we believe in, such as the 7pipe twisty glass blunt, our clothing line and snapback hats, we are creating a solid brand that people can trust and see.

The most vibrant and freshest thing about Miami Rave and our site is that it is run 100 percent by real people for real people. The topics discussed in our blog are topics that are generally uncensored and highly important not only to Floridians, not only Americans, but to people all over the globe. Just as Miami is known for being a large and vibrant international city fill of different cultures and flavors, Miami Rave is a awesome mixture of everything that it means to be young, hip and in the now. Capturing that ora that is Miami Rave is something that people spend a lifetime seeking and trying to experience. Release yourself into a community that has its arms wide open for you to express yourself and furfill your every last wishes and desires in life. Whatever you want to do in life, whether its be the next hottest music sensation, or the next resident of the United States, you can do it. Endurance is key, and Miami Rave is here to stay.

Even as Miami Rave Breaks 1,000 Instagram  followers all of this still seems a bit surreal. Miami Rave started only as a ideal. To see it progressively transform into a giant in the industry is truly amazing. There is no lie in the sayings that say it takes hard work and dedication to succeed. With our next goal set at 5,ooo followers, our team has its work cut out for ourselves.  That big 5,000 Instagram followers is quickly approaching and we promise to keep spitting straight fire!

*We are currently seeking any new and upcoming artists, producers, or active managers or musicians to feature in our interviews. Soon, we will start to do monthly contests, which will be peer elected, for the best new artist for the month. That artist will have a opportunity for more exposure via the Miami Rave website and win some other various prizes and goodies from Miami Rave. We strive to make the site and our content s interactive and fun as possible.*

Do you like the site and our energy? Then help us boost our social media presence so we can give away more free stuff! Every friend request/follow/subscription to any Miami Rave social media account automatically enters you to win some awesome prizes such as our 7pipe twisty, our new shirts and the stylish snapback hats. Click here to add us on INSTAGRAM. Click the images below to redirect you to FACEBOOK AND TWITTER.


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