Miami Dolphin’s Coach Snort’s Cocaine In Locker Room, Dolphins High Comes Down!

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Since the Miami Dolphin’s head coach of the offensive line Christopher Foerster openly snorted cocaine and mentioned how he wanted to snort some “off your pussy” in a short video apparently made out to a lover Foerster  had that he always thinks about while doing cocaine, the Miami Dolphins have been on a freaking win streak until Thursday, October 26 2017 when the Baltimore Ravens absolutely crushed the Dolphins 40 to 0.. The Dolphins, now a somewhat respectable 4-3 , still have a very good shot at clinching a playoff spot and possibly making it to the next Superbowl.


In hindsight, after the come down, we bet The Dolphins Offensive Line Coach Christopher Foerster wishes he would have taken some of Miami Dolphins former star running back Ricky William’s advice and just stuck to the weed man.

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