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The Jax Agency, a boutique talent agency based in Miami, Florida with a unique vision, is a business we here at Miami Rave believe in.

Spear headed by CEO Jacqui Fournier – The Jax Agency operates on a very personal level with models, actors, artists and athletes; only accepting clientele that Jacqui herself feels she can add real worth to, career wise. Her one-on-one approach sets her apart from other, massive overhaul type agencies because the connection made by focusing primarily on that individual, for however long necessary, is truly priceless. Aside from Miami, Florida, The Jax Agency also services the Log Angeles, California area. One of the most attractive elements of this agency is a monthly fee is not charged at all, which shows you just how much Jacqui cares about genuinely helping further her clients’ careers. A few individuals Jacqui has worked with so far are as follows;


Ashley Jonassaint; actress who has done stage and film, including a short film that won an award at Cannes Film Festival.



& Raffi Russo; very in-demand Italian model who has participated in several Miami fashion shows, including the ever-prestigious Miami Swim Week.


Despite having only been rising in notoriety for the past 3 months, Jacqui Fournier and The Jax Agency are showing great promise and we can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve next.


Instagram / @TheJaxAgency (Click handle to re-direct)

Twitter / @Jacquifournier (Click handle to re-direct)

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