Kobe Bryant Dead At Age 41

Kobe Bryant Dead In Helicopter Crash

Recent news is in, the beloved Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers is dead in a crazy helicopter crash. Sources say he was in his private helicopter when thing just went wrong. TMZ as well as multiple other sources have all confirmed the death of the iconic basketball superstar.

While alive Kobe used CBD Oil, as well as multiple other all natural sports medicines, to help him recover from long hours of training and the stresses of playing professional basketball. We can only hope that the next generation of iconic basketball superstars follow in the footsteps of the great legends, stay away from un-natural pharmaceuticals, and keep it natural and real.

Kobe Bryant Dead
Lakers Kobe Bryant Dies In Helicopter Crash At Age 41

The superstar played his entire 20 year basketball career with the Lakers. Winning multiple championship rings and playing with the greats such as Shaq and Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant will go down in the history books as one of the worlds greatest basketball players.

Our prayers go out to Kobe family and friends alike. His loss is felt worldwide. Its amazing how you can be here one minute and the next, poof, your’e gone. We can all take this time to look at life for what it is. We all should live life to its fullest and enjoy every minute we can. Kobe def left his impac ton the world, and im sure the world will be a better place because of the hurdles and obstacles he overcame and charisma he injected into each and every one of his fans.

RIP Kobe.

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