Is It Possible to Build Tolerance to CBD?

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Do you feel like your usual CBD dose and products have stopped giving you the same relief it was giving you before? You might be thinking that you’ve built a tolerance for CBD over time. However, research suggests that this isn’t necessarily true.

What are the Facts?

Cannabis products are usually split between THC and CBD products. THC tolerance exists in very real terms, as research has shown. However, CBD works differently from THC. It affects the peripheral nervous system rather than the central. Prolonged CBD use has a build-up effect, rather than making the user want more of the substance. CBD has shown to be a generally safe substance by the WHO.

How Does That Work?

Tolerance can work in a few different ways. Metabolic tolerance is when less and less of a substance is reaching the part of our body it’s supposed to affect. On the other hand, cellular tolerance means that our body’s cells react less to the same amount of a substance we have consumed. Behavioral tolerance is when we start getting used to the effects of a substance psychologically.

This research study shows that consuming THC can cause cellular tolerance because receptors may be overloaded. However, instead of causing a tolerance, CBD may do the opposite. CBD slowly builds up in the system, making the effect better felt over time.

Then Why Are My CBD Products Not Working?

You might be experiencing problems with your CBD consumption because of a few reasons. First of all, you have to give it time. CBD works best when given a couple of months at least. In the meantime, don’t increase your recommended dosage. You could also be one of those people who CBD doesn’t work for. In fact, a fair amount of people can be resistant to cannabinoids because their body produces a similar substance in excess.

You might need to change your buying habits as well. It’s always best to make sure your cannabis products are safe and well regulated. Look for organic, vegan and allergen-free CBD products. You don’t want to have additives in your body — especially when looking for pain and inflammation relief.

You might also find that certain products work differently for specific problems. Vaping might be better for your back pain, whereas your inflamed wrist might appreciate topical creams. Try experimenting with the kinds of products you’re using.

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