Interviews At 1FiveTwo: Vibin’ With Vatic

The SoFlo music scene has needed a revamp in the last couple years. Locals hungry to help pave the way have been searching for ways to cultivate the culture. Sitting down at a local watering hole for talent, 1FiveTwo, I speak to Vatic.

Born in Cuba & raised in Miami, he eager to make a name for himself while putting the city on.

Long Hair Don’t Care & Specializing in Bubblegum Trap, this guy delivers free range in a familiar genre guaranteed to get your head bumping. Influenced by DMX, Tupac, & Wayne, Vatic finds a balance that resonates with his audience. Driven by South Florida artists (Arjay & Mach Rapper/Producer) The three set up shop at a local residence and it’s been work ever since. Finding inspiration from Young Thug, Nino Bless, & Jarren Benton, this Miamian became set on setting a standard.

“I Had my biggest break after I met Roberto Mario through Deeno, a homie that became homies after we showed each-other love on some random shit the first time we met.” That genuine type of thing.

“He shot my first music video, and mentored me”

Mario would later help shape future endeavors as Vatic continued to grow as an artist. After the two created chemistry, they collaborated on a video that would eventually bring Vatic’s “first buzz” with State Of Mind.

Before long, Vatic came across Aleo, another artist out of Kendall. The two met around the same time Vatic released his project, MIA. The friendship turned into a partnership as Mach got into the mix. The three created a clique filled with ambitions to flip the music game upside down. Then when 2016 came around, so did the birth of “Blokade”;

A local celebration of art that highlighted the hip hop scene in the suburban streets of west Kendall catering to local artists around the area. This helped set the stage and mold the man. This ignited a change that would fuel that fire he delivers.

“Music itself, I had to restart despite having a fan base” This would eventually help Vatic kill the perception that “Mainstream” is detrimental as he began to shift towards Pop Culture.

“It’s what I like to listen to. I play this on repeat way more than my old stuff. I stopped listening to other people. It’s just music. K PAKK 13 inspired that”

Biggest thing you’ve learned? Something you can tell someone trying to do the same

“The industry is corrupt. They don’t care about music. Corny to say but be yourself. This might be a year(s) long lesson, but, don’t be lame.”

Don’t care what people think.



It’s always a pleasure to meet somebody putting on for the city and Vatic is no different. Check out his work at the links below and his latest tape Help Leonardo He’s Dying

“Its my best project, first piece with a new sound.”

Its been a pleasure,

PEACE! – BauseMason


All social media @VaticIsDead


Reporting from:

1FiveTwo 12236 SW 132nd CT Miami FL 33126

IG: @1FiveTwo




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