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To the Locals of South Florida,

                Miami has been known as a staple in the cultivation of culture as backgrounds from all over the Americas & Caribbean have helped curate the community. What we lack in recognition is compensated by a rich & diverse demographic that is not only filled with substance but also unlike anything else on the planet.  As a refuge to immigrants, Miami soon became a home to renovation in its infancy. In the early days of development this catalyzed innovation that would transcend for generations to follow.  As families began to settle and create a life for themselves, First-Generation Americans began to pop out.

             We Are The First-Generation Americans.

Located at “The Bottom Of The Map”, We Are the offspring of migrants who colonized “The American Dream”. We Are The preservation of our paternal philosophies with the power of potent programming. We Are the leaders of tomorrow with a chance to take the lead today.

                                 With Backroom Sessions (BRS), the aspirations to allocate the heritage we’ve absorbed has exponentially accelerated the ability to do so; A platform that is designed to only work with the collective push of creatives working towards a common goal. Open to all art forms, the genre diverse showcase is composed of types of trades & talents. By creating an immersive experience, Backroom Sessions is able to cater to the communities it aims to foster.

With the end of the year around the corner, we invite you to celebrate our 1 year anniversary as we finish 2017 with a cultural boom. Backroom Sessions will host its #BestOfBackroom Volume on December 26th at Lincolns Beard Brewery in the Bird Road Arts District. Targeting the “Real Miamian”, BRS resides in the backyard of Miami where authenticity thrives away from the artificial components that have made up the “South Beach” Lifestyle.  By locating the genuine audience in our city, we have been able to activate local businesses in the area through partnerships & sponsorships. As a result, we have become a local watering hole for talent while building relationships among artists in the city we love.

                                 Our mantra is to “Put The Bottom Of The Map, ON The Map”. The relentless effort by neighborhood kids alongside the courage by artists to be themselves has allowed something beautiful to flourish. As we continue to make amends between the limelight& South Florida, we will continue to highlight those who are hungry in actualizing their dreams.

We live in a place like no other with a culture like no other.  As gentrification continues to spread like wildfire, we seek to Self-Gentrify with home-grown flair. We believe it’s time for artists to get recognition for their crafts. The Art Districts continue to be developed by locals of this city to only find themselves starving and subject to outsourcing as out-of-towners reap the benefits of high traffic. If we band together while building one another up, I have no doubt that our toes will be rooted as we stand our ground.

                               Whether you’re behind the movement, or at the forefront, the collaborative cognition has catalyzed the community. We hope to maximize the support of the city as we jump into 2018 by bringing it together… & we hope to see you there.

A Million Thank You’s for your time,

& I promise that by the end of it all, Backroom Sessions will be pioneer in the Modern Day Renaissance.

“Bringing Back The Roaring 20’s in the 2020’s” as we “Put The Bottom Of The Map, ON The Map”

(Sorry for the wait, Art Basel was Crazy)

Bause Mason

About Bause Mason

Founder & Director of Backroom Sessions MIA. 90's Kid from Miami dedicated to "Putting The Bottom Of The Map, ON The Map"

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