CBD has become a “go-to” solution for everything that we experience nowadays. But out of the variety of CBD products available in the market, CBD concentrates lead the niche. One of the CBD concentrates that’s particularly interesting is CBD shatter. One can experience the richness of cannabinoids by using a method called “dabbing.” But many cannabis users are still confused about how to use CBD shatter. 

This article will address all your confusion and help you learn more about CBD shatter and its use for getting access to maximum benefits.

Let’s get started!

CBD Shatter: What is it?

It is a form of CBD isolate which contains nothing but CBD. It has a brittle texture that easily shatters when handled. That’s how it got its name. However, many people confuse it with CBD wax. But while they look similar, they are entirely different products. 

You can differentiate between them since shatter is clear while the wax is more opaque. This will help you find the best CBD shatter for yourself. 

But the question of the hour is:

CBD Shatter

How to use CBD shatter?

Now that you know about CBD shatter, you must be curious about using it in the best way possible. As we already mentioned, consuming CBD shatter is usually through dabbing. It is a way where a user vapes CBD concentrate using a dabbing rig or a wax pen. 

Here are the directions of dabbing CBD shatter in the right way for effective results.

  • Use the torch to flame the nail and do it until it becomes red hot.
  • Once you attain temperature, you must keep a glass dome over it.
  • Now place the dab on the nail and inhale slowly. You must rotate the dabber constantly to prevent any wastage. 
  • Now exhale and enjoy it. 

But why this?

This is because it’s superior to the conventional consumption methods. The primary reason is its bioavailability. In this method, one gets the maximum CBD content, which results in the best results. 

The effect is almost instant. In other words, you will feel the impact within a few minutes after dabbing CBD. On the contrary, other options like orally ingested CBD usually take around 6 hours to kick in. However, since it is pretty potent, you need to go ahead with small amounts of CBD. 

But make sure that not all vaporizers are suitable for CBD shatter. You need to find the one that’s compatible with concentrates. Now that you know, it can help you deliver all the benefits that CBD offers. 

Benefits of CBD Shatter

  • It alleviates inflammation: CBD interacts with endocannabinoid receptors that block the pain signals. And by the same method, it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, which further reduces inflammation. 
  • It reduces stress/ anxiety: CBD helps improve anxiety symptoms since it increases the concentration of serotonin, the feel-good hormones. Plus, it decreases the concentration of cortisol levels. Thus, it allows you to elevate your mood and reduce anxiety symptoms.
  • It improves sleep: It is not wrong to say that good quality sleep is crucial for maintaining good health. CBD is quite a relaxant that helps improve the quality of sleep. It improves your REM sleep cycle and enables you to get sound sleep without any hassles.

How to buy CBD shatter for the best results?

You must think about a lot of factors before deciding whether the product is good enough for you. You must compare their potency, source, and other elements to find the best CBD shatter for yourself. 

Ideally, you must choose a provider which is transparent about the products it sells. For instance, they have third-party certificates to prove the authenticity of the product. Experts suggest opting from hemp sourced CBD products and looking for the extraction method and the lab results to ensure the product’s credibility. 

Final Words

CBD is one of the best cannabinoids for a variety of reasons. However, there are so many options available to consume it. Clearly, vaping is the ideal way if you want instant and potent effects. But you need to go with low doses since it contains CBD isolate. By doing so, you can easily avoid any adverse effects. You can also adjust the dose using CBD oil or coconut oil. In fact, you can also mix it with any vape juice to accentuate the effects. 

So, the next time you want to use CBD shatter, you have all the details with you to get started in the right direction. Just make sure you use the high-quality product and the right accessories to improve the experience.