The most researched and abundant ingredient in cannabis is Cannabidiol or CBD after THC. Growing a specific high CBD strain is all about genetics. Of course, no one can alter the nature of the cannabis plant you bought and planted. There is absolutely no way to make your cannabis plant potent to have high CBD content than what is genetically possible. 


When a cannabis plant is reproduced, the cannabis grown from that particular seed contains an array of different and unique phenotypes which further give rise to a unique cannabis plant when planted. Thus, for every marijuana plant, we have a wide variety of offsprings that are neither similar genetically or phenotypically. However, cloning can be done to produce the same quality of cannabis but still once cannot play with the content of CBD in it. 


One of the best examples to understand this dissimilarity is- if one tries to grow a high CBD plant out of a seed of a catatonic seed (a strain that has about 12% CBD content). This shows that a high CBD plant can be grown out of this catatonic seed is even below 75%. 


Let us explore more about this!

Growing High CBD Marijuana Needs Pre Testing

In order to have a high CBD marijuana plant, you must get the cannabis plant you get tested from a reputable lab when the plant is still young and can be grown into a full cannabis plant. The experts believe that a cannabis plant is about 3 to 4 weeks after the emergence of seedlings from the soil. This is how you can recognize your cannabis plant if they will grow into CBD-rich plants before flowering. 


You can take the top nodes of the cannabis plant as a sample. Now, ensure that they are dried and then submitted to the lab. Via this process, you can analyze whether the cannabis plant is rich in CBD. You shall take cuttings from the cannabis plants from their immediate growth to their maturity stage.


Or, if you are not able to get the nodes tested from the lab, all you can do is just sit and wait for the plant to flower. And, then, the only option you have is to analyze whether you get the psychoactives from the consumption of that cannabis plant or not. And, if you feel stoned, then perhaps, the plant is loaded with THC, and too much of THC!

The Final Thoughts

We can therefore conclude that the only way to grow high CBD strains of marijuana at home is to analyze and identify if the strain is potent to produce high CBD content and less THC. Once, you can infer that the plant has more CBD than THC, then you are set to explore further other cannabis strains in future and make use of your guess to judge them. Always remember to be thorough with the growing techniques and needs for a marijuana plant for a healthy plant.