Besides coming up with new and innovative medicines, people are also finding some easy ways to enhance the effects of the existing medicines. Medical professionals have therefore found terpenes to be one of the best additions in America. 

Several aromatherapy places and chefs use terpenes daily just like any other plant extracts or byproducts. 

On the other hand, terpenes are found in cannabis (a well known natural herb). Cannabis consumers get terps and include them in different homemade recipes from juices to brownies. However, it is seen that the cannabis industry has less of a symbiotic relationship. And, it ought to change with the rising popularity of CBD distillates

As the popularity of cannabis distillates is increasing, the use of terpenes is increasingly used by cannabis enthusiasts.


What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that are found in several plants. Mostly, people relate this compound to cannabis because cannabis plants have higher concentrations of terpenes. They are responsible for creating a scent and bringing an aroma. It can vary from pine, lavender, or a fresh orange peel. 

You must know that the flowers and plants have their respective fragrance because of these terpenes. On the other hand, terpenes are also responsible for keeping the animals and infectious germs at bay!

Terpenes offer humans plenty of benefits. As the regulations on cannabis are becoming lenient, researchers are carrying out studies and research to understand the benefit of terpenes on the human body. 


What are CBD Distillates?

CBD Distillate is a form of CBD. It has a high concentration of CBD and thus it is a thick liquid. Therefore, a little dose of this can bring you the desired physiological benefits. CBD Distillate Is a pure concentration of CBD and even free from impurities. This is considered one of the safest forms of CBD to consume. It is odorless and tasteless. 

CBD Distillates are either made out of extracting it from the hemp plant or cannabis plant. Most people prefer the hemp plant for CBD Distillate extraction because it is rich in CBD concentration as well as they have less THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol- the compound responsible for psychological effects. To be precise, the CBD Distillate has about 80-90% of CBD and the rest 10-20% of the Distillate consists of other compounds found in hemp plants. 


Why do we add Terpenes to CBD Products?

Terpenes are added to the CBD Distillates because they make it smell and taste fruity. After the isolation of compounds, the components can be formulated again and blended in a form that is nowhere else available. Therefore, terpenes can be added. The simple benefits of adding terpenes to CBD products are

  • It gives full control over the flavor and aroma of the CBD Distillate. There are several terpenes profiles to choose from- Limonene, Pinene, Linalool, Myrcene, etc. 
  • It brings an entourage effect (enhanced effect of CBD compound). All the compounds work together and enhance the therapeutic effects of each other making it highly potent.
  • It allows formulating complementary cannabis strains for specific purposes. It can be steered to specific strains to achieve the desired benefits as per the need. 


How to add Terpenes to CBD Distillate?

To add Terpenes to CBD Distillate, you must first get all the ingredients and tools needed handy. Adding terpenes is important to CBD Distillate because it gets boiled off while the extraction of the product. Start to add terpenes to CBD Distillate- Follow the five steps.

  1. Put the distillate in the glass jar.
  2. Choose the terpene profile of your choice. 
  3. Add 1- 2 drops per gram to the distillate in the glass jar.
  4. Mix them thoroughly.
  5. Leaven the glass jar sealed overnight and let the terpenes infuse in it properly.

You can get terpenes both natural and synthetic. After choosing the right terpenes for you, make sure to have the right ratio of terpene for the distillate you have. Remember, adding terpenes not only changes aroma and flavor but also alters the viscosity. It is recommended to have about 3 to 15 %.


The Final Thoughts

CBD Distillates are the purer products of CBD and are ideal for those seeking medicinal or therapeutic benefits without getting high. The consumer also avoids every other compound found in the cannabis plants! Also, this is considered the best choice for people because the non-psychoactive compounds work better in combination with other compounds (entourage effect). Because CBD has enough concentration of other compounds that bring enhanced therapeutic benefits.