Free Lipstick For National Lipstick Day 2017

june 29, 2017 National Lipstick Day!

Today, July 29, 2017 marks the infamous National Lipstick day.  Today people all around the world are celebrating by wearing their favorite lipstick and make-up combinations. Be sure to stop by any MAC cosmetics store for your free lipstick in any color! Leave a memorable mark on your lover or just spice up your everyday appearance. Whatever the occasion, National Lipstick day is here and its time to celebrate.

Want to rave out with Miami Rave? Be sure to pick up some wild colors that are sure to get you looks! We want to see those deep, vibrant yellows, pinks and greens come out this year! Shout us out on social media with #miamirave in your pic for a chance to win for cool Miami Rave gear. We will also share your pic to help make you insta-famous.

A lot of people don’t know, but National Lipstick day has been an underground tradition in the fashion and beauty scene for quite some time. It wasn’t until 2016 when the tradition really gained momentum in the community and in 2017 where it was made a huge thing. Help support the movement by spreading awareness of this cool holiday to any and everyone you think could use a stick of free lipstick!

Don’t forget where you saw it first, here at Miami Rave! Be sure to subscribe to the site to stay updated and informed on fashion, events, cannabis news, sports, and a whole lot of other topics. Lipstick is a great ay to express yourself. The individuality and uniqueness that each color and shade gives you is really un-paralleled when it comes to other make-ups. Go out there and get something that is sure to turn heads and break beds!

Be sure to use hashtag #nationallipstick day to check out other participants in the national holiday. With the tag, you will also be able to find out more information about any possible promotions and events happening around you. Always be sure to shout out Miami Rave as well. Enjoy the holiday. Stay safe with your holiday travels and make sure to get out to MAC early. We hear that their free lipstick is in high demand and in limited supply.


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