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Five Myths About Vaping

So here we are in November of 2017 and we are about 56 days away from 2018 and we still have some mind-boggling and weird myths around vaping we want to straighten out. Vaping first made it’s face in 1963 after Herbert A. Gilbert filed a patent for a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette. This substitute for tobacco resembled the modern e-cigarette. It included heating elements that warmed the flavor cartridges that gave you smokeless, flavored air. So in the mishaps of the tobacco industry lobbying millions of dollars in silly advertisements, let’s go over some of these things together, so we can all be well informed.


  1. E-Liquids Contain Anti-Freeze

    This is one of the most popular myths out there. Propylene Glycol is one of the very few ingredients that composes E-Liquid. It is also used in Anti-Freeze. That would be the same comparison as saying the methane in heating methamphetamine is the same as you breathing methamphetamine with every breath considering there is trace elements of methane on planet earth. There is water in beer, and there is oxygen in every hit of a true cigarette. Did you know that Fireball Whiskey contains Propylene Glycol? Coldstone Creamery, Dunkin Donuts Flavored Iced Tea, Packaged Frosting, Boxed Cakes, Kraft Vinaigrette and more.

  2. You ingest formaldehyde when you vape

    Oh sure, when you eviscerate any substance with over 5 direct VOLTS to a a faulty wire you can produce formaldehyde that ends in the burning taste. What smoker or vaper or any type of non-suicidal or cult offering religion-holding person continues smoking something that is burning currently?

  3. E-Liquids are dangerous and you can’t know what is in it

    I’ve heard this one probably the most out of all common myths. Everyone reads a bogus post on Facebook and attributes real science to sensationalist media without facts. There are only 3 or 4 necessary ingredients used in e-liquid depending on what you vape. There is Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycol, Natural food grade flavoring and optional Nicotine. All of which, with the exception of Nicotine is used in soda products.

  4. Vaping and Smoking are just as harmful

    Let’s bust out some science real fast. Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos from the Department of Cardiology at Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens, Greece led a study that found certain important factors. Cigarette smoking has found to elevate blood pressure and heart rate at a greater rate significantly more than E-Cigarettes. Also there was no impairment of diastolic function in the heart with the E-Cigarette, where visible impairment was evident with traditional tobacco.

  5. Vaping will encourage non-smokers to start

    The invention itself was to help current smokers break the habit of inhaling harmful carcinogens and radioactive fertilizer, and switch to something less deadly. It’s not marketed towards non-smokers, considering you have seen tobacco commercials and sponsorships but nothing of the sort from the vaping industry. The Center for Disease Control already handled this silly myth in their 2014 study among adults who had never smoked cigarettes and 3.2% had ever tried vaping. The age group who had tried vaping but not cigarettes was at 9.7 percent of that same exact study.

    You can view the full study here:

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