Exclusive Miami Rave Interview with Jennie B

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Miami Rave x Jennie B

MR: 1st off Jennie B, thank you for agreeing to the interview. Please familiarize our audience with who you are and what it is that you do

JB: No problem. Yes, so my name is Jennie B. I am a pop/dance artist originally from Ireland. I sing, write and dance and have been living in New York for four years to develop my craft before moving to Miami.

MR: What made you want to even start making music? How old were you?

JB: Always. I always wanted to be an entertainer/performer from a very young age, as young as I can remember. I always went to dance classes growing up in Ireland and performed in shows but it wasn’t until I moved to America that I decided to really go for what I always wanted to do which is to be a pop music artist.

MR: If you can think back for us, what was your 1st ever real performance and were you scared at all?

JB: Yes, terrified! Really nervous, but in a good way. I love that nervous feeling before going on stage. It makes you feel so alive; my first “big” performance, I was 15 and in a stage school called “Dancezone Stage School”. We put on a big show every year and it was so exhilarating. We used to perform Moulin Rouge, tap dance, do modern pop songs etc. It was so much fun and I definitely became addicted to the adrenaline and rush of being on stage.

MR: We really hope you have plans to get into modeling because you’re beyond fucking gorgeous. Do you have anything set up for the future?

JB: Lol, thank you. Not really, unless it relates to music. I love performing and being in the studio, writing songs and being on stage but photoshoots are not my strongest point. I love the creativity of putting a shoot together with the looks, hair, makeup, location etc. but the act of standing behind the camera trying to pose to get the best shot is still something I’m working on!

MR: What is one food in Ireland, specific to that region, that you miss? If any.

JB: I mean I miss my Mam’s cooking in general but I am a really boring, plain eater anyways. I’m not really a foodie at all. I know all my Irish friends miss Irish potatoes when they go anywhere but I’m not one to really care about the food and varieties of food in different regions etc. Sorry to be boring but it’s true! However, when it comes to dessert…now that’s a different story. My sugar cravings are on 100 constantly!

MR: Are you working on any projects currently?

JB: Yes I am. I am working with a lot of new producers down here in Miami and developing my sound. I don’t have a date of when the project will be released yet but it’s going to be an EP of 5 songs and have a very specific “Jennie B” sound. I’m excited about it and love collaborating with new musicians all the time. I am such a perfectionist too. So, even though I have a lot of material recorded, I have not put much online or released it because I don’t feel like it’s right just yet.

MR: Where can people go to learn more about you and stay updated with all you have going on?

JB: My music website is www.jenniebmusic.com and all my social media is @jenniebmusic. Also, you can connect to everything through my website.

MR: Lastly, what do you love most about Miami?

JB: The weather 100%. New York is freezing right now. Ireland is usually always cold and wet

so definitely that. Plus, I am such a sunshine girl. I have always loved the sun ever since I can

remember. I also like that it’s not as intense and busy as New York. It’s nice to be around a

different energy and it affects my creativity different too. It’s nice to drive everywhere too instead

of subways. I love to travel so I am in my element at the moment 🙂


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