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Cooking With Cannabis: Coconut Cannaoil

Cannabis has been known to be infused with edible products and continues to gain popularity in public eye. As the mood of the nation continues to shift in support of the plant, legislation has loosened the lines we once could not cross. As a result, there has never been a better time to sharpen yours skills as a Cannabis Chef.

Today I’m going to give you insight on how to make some of the best “Cannaoil’ you’ll ever find. Now usually the first question I get is whether or not this is oil you can smoke, No, It is not. But this is Oil you CAN use to spread on your toast in the morning, or cook your eggs with, or make pancakes, or throw into some chicken pasta alfredo. It’ll really kick any recipe up a notch. All you gotta do is replace anything you would use Oil in, with this Cannaoil.

“On The Road To Cannaoil, Cannabis Will Take Turmoil”. I’m pretty sure nobody has ever said that before but I wanted to quote myself so it seemed legit. Nonetheless it stems from the fact that less to none of your initial attempts will save your stems. I’ll elaborate. You’re going to mess up a-lot when you’re on the crock pot method and usually don’t know what you’re doing. As with most things in life, we gotta mess up to learn something. So be prepared to take a loss and stack up a on decent reservoir of ganj to give it a couple go’s. After I burned a couple batches or delivered low quality concentrations I started to get  the hang of it. This would in turn force me to perfect the methodology behind a successful output while learning a couple things along the way to take the Cannaoil to its fullest potential.

First things first, handling the marijuana.

Why You Get High: Decarbonization

Cannabis in its natural state has low contents of active TCH. THC is the psychoactive component of Cannabis that gives you that “Head HIgh”. When put to high temperatures the percentage of active THC rises.This process is called “Decarbonization”. In terms of smoking, the active THC rises to its full potential instantly due to the direct contact with the flame. This gets trapped in the smoke that is then inhaled and immediately enters the body triggering its effects. In a similar fashion, you must raise the Active THC found in the Cannabis but in a much slower manner in order to retain the THC inside the plant. This can be done with an oven and cookie tray.

Preheat the oven to 240 degrees

Place the herb evenly across the cookie tray leaving room for each flower to hold a space. Line the tray with foil and seal it tightly

Place into oven when ready.

Allow 30-40 minutes.

(Lower temperatures require longer bake time)

This will decarbonize the Cannabis at a slow and steady pace while trapping the terpenes which are responsible for the aromas flavor tied to each strain. Remember, the higher quality of Cannabis that is used, the higher the quality of oil will be if done right,

Once taken out the oven, allow it to sit in order to let the gases settle. After the tray has cooled break your bud down to a fine powder type of substance. I recommend a coffee grinder.

Next you’ll need to choose a base. While butter is widely popular for edibles, I learned Coconut Oil is the most effective. This is due to the high amount of Saturated Fats in Coconut oil which surpasses its counterparts. THC sticks best to Saturated Fats, increasing its potency. Once you have Decarbonized the Cannabis and chosen a base, you’ll combine these ingredients to make one concoction. I recommend adding sunflower lecithin soy. This is an emulsifier that smoothes out the process of combining properties. When it is added to Cannaoil, lecithin increases absorption of THC and other Cannabinoids into your cell membranes and speeds up the process. The human brain also enjoys it when used as a supplement.

Throwing Down In The Kitchen

I paid my dues and whipped it on the stove in the early days. Once I peaked a huge interest in the process and learned as much as I could, I looked for better ways to make the recipe. I stumbled upon the “Magical Butter Machine”. I highly recommend it on account of its delivery and easy to use set-up.

For those who gotta whip on the stove, just follow these steps and you’re gucci.

In a medium to large saucepan, bring a quart of water to a boil. Once brought to a boil, add the coconut oil allowing it to mix in with water. Add in your marijuana + Sunflower Lecithin Soy and bring the boil to a simmer, cooking the Cannabis Combo for 3-4 hours stirring regularly.

Once finished, pour into a jar/bowl lined with cheesecloth. Squeeze any remaining oil out of the remains filtered from the liquid. Place into fridge and allow to cool for an hour.


The finish line is in sight. Once cool, the world is your oyster. The Cannaoil can be used to substitute the oils called on in recipes across the book. I suggest adding a little extra if you enjoy getting a little kick out of it. Goodluck!



Also, if you’re looking to take the potency to the next level, check out the Rosin Press. This baby is your personal concentrate creator. You can turn your flowery herbs to oils, wax, or shatter for a much more concentrated form of THC. Get one today at a steal before they run out.

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