Sleep is important. Everyone is fully aware of this. But do we get enough sleep to let our body do the necessary repair work? Honestly, not really! Millions of people across the world are unable to get sufficient sleep. Not anymore! You have a natural sleep inducer right here with you now. Yes, we are talking about using CBD oil for sleep. 

Compared to the available sleep aids, CBD offers a much safer and easier way to relieve yourself from sleep difficulties. In other words, you can sleep faster and stay in the state for longer. Thus, allow your body to get the maximum rest possible. 

Many people have insomnia, and with the pandemic outbreak, things have gone a bit murky even more than ever. And CBD is usually the answer to this problem. How? Let’s find out now! 

CBD For Sleep: How Does it Help?

CBD is therapeutic in nature. In fact, the NIH (The National Institutes of Health) already approved more than $3 million as funding to research the therapeutic effects of CBD. As per the research studies, CBD can reduce issues like arthritis, PTSD, depression, epilepsy, and more. 

Besides this, like we mentioned, using CBD oil for sleep is quite common now. It’s because it helps control the presence of cortisol hormone that causes anxiety-related sleep disorders. In fact, if certain external factors impact your sleep, CBD is quite beneficial in tackling such factors. 

But how does it do it in the first place?

You might be aware of the fact that the human body has an endocannabinoid system. This system controls mood, appetite, and even sleep. Usually, the endocannabinoids interact with its receptors to manage the harmony inside the body. But when the endocannabinoids don’t function properly, CBD or phytocannabinoids help regulate the system. 

In other words, CBD helps decrease any factors like pain, anxiety, or other conditions that might interrupt sleep. There are many ways you can use CBD to get the desired benefits. For instance, you can use oil, gummies, vape, or topicals. Ideally, oils are the fastest way to extract the goodness that comes with cannabidiol. 

But how does it help with sleep issues? 

Many research studies found that CBD helps decrease any sleep anomalies. Here we are talking about REM sleep. Normally, REM behavior disorder causes a person with disrupted sleep. But when you consume CBD, it helps them to stabilize their REM sleep quite quickly. However, there are two things about it. 

If you go for high concentration, it will help PTSD patients. But, if you opt for low-dose CBD, it will be beneficial for people who have issues with daytime sleepiness or narcolepsy. 

What does the research say?

CBD oil for sleep is helpful in the following ways as per the research studies and anecdotal evidence.

  • CBD helps alleviate stress which usually has an impact on non-REM sleep cycles. Thus, increasing the sleep quality. 
  • CBD reduces pain which is effective and more potent than pharmaceutical pain relievers. Thus, it helps and acts as a sedative that enables you to get sleep quickly in painful situations. 
  • CBD relieves any aching muscles. Thus, never let it interfere with your sleep cycles. 
  • CBD also helps reduce nightmares which are often followed by restlessness. So, you can expect to sleep like a baby after consuming it.

A lack of sleep can quickly impact your everyday life. But if you have CBD with you, you can soon get a good night’s rest. 

Now that you know its effectiveness and potency, the next step is to understand how to use it for quality sleep, right? So, let’s begin!


How to use CBD oil for Sleep?

Clearly, CBD is quite promising when it comes to getting a night of restful sleep. But if you want to extract the maximum benefits, here’s what you must do.

  • Like we mentioned before, it acts differently depending on its dosage. So, keep in mind to use a higher dosage if you want to dissipate your sleep issues.
  • You must consume CBD for at least 2 hours before going to bed. Ideally, any product containing around 5-10% CBD is quite effective for a good night’s sleep. You can consume it with your meal or use any oil to improve its bioavailability.
  • While consuming CBD oil for sleep, you must keep it under your tongue for around 90 seconds. It will trigger the absorption process.
  • Try and relax your mind while doing so by opting for some breathing exercises. 

Besides these tips, ensure that you buy it from a reliable provider and read the instructions present on it clearly, especially to understand your dosage. Read this article for a detailed guide on how to use cbd oil for sleep.


If you want a good night’s sleep, choosing CBD oil for rest is quite beneficial in many ways. Hopefully, the points mentioned above will help you attain a good night’s sleep.