Our CBD Hemp Flower Strains

Our variety of CBD Hemp Flower Buds known as “Rave Budz” is a holistic approach to the consumption of CBD and the other cannabinoids that hemp flower provides. Whether you are crushing it up to vape or smoke, using it as a ground spice for a CBD enhanced meal or steeping the hemp buds in a tea, the holistic and natural remedy producing power punch that comes from our flower is endless.

<pstyle=”line-height: 2.4em”> First, all of our hemp products contain trace amounts of CBD totaling less than the federally regulated limit of .3% delta 9 THC.Second, all of our CBD Hemp Strains are also sustainability sourced and are certified KIND, meaning that all of our flower buds pass stringent tests by not only the farm, but the department of agriculture. Finally, all of our products are 100% vegan, organic, pesticide free CBD Hemp derived products.

Best CBD Hemp Flower Harlequin

The 2018 Farm Bill Act really opened a lot of doors here for us and the CBD industry in America. Therefore the new Farm Bill makes it legal to possess , transport and consume any hemp or hemp derived products as long as they are passed by the department of agriculture where its grown and posses less than .03% delta 9 THC. All products that we carry are Farm Bill Compliant. Check out our lab results! Everything is 50 state legal. First, we could not sell hemp unless it were legal. Second, we have integrity and check out all of our products.

We have the best CBD hemp flower available. Likewise, we will provide lab results for all of our CBD strains. In addition to high quality strains, we have high standards. Our staff is required to hand sift all of our flower. All the flower we carry and sell is legal. Everything we offer is certified kind. Therefore, our products have no pesticides, are vegan, and pass the .03% delta 9 thc test.

Miami Rave Budz-Electra High CBD Low THC CBD Weed

This is a interesting period in time.The CBD industry is rapidly growing. Miami Rave is growing right along with it. Our goal of being a top tier CBD company will be met.We will carry a more diverse list of strains. Contact us if there is something that you suggest. Likewise, we enjoy hearing your opinions. First, contact us anytime at our phone number. Second, if no answer then direct message us. Third, send us a email. Lastly, enjoy yourself and our products. And remember, we love hearing from our customers. We will do anything in our power to make you happy. This is for you.

Further, you can find all the information on CBD products you need on our site. Besides information, you can also find virtually any CBD product, right here. We carry CBD Gummies, CBD Vape Oil, CBD Bath and Body Works and much more. In fact, we are adding products monthly. Consequentially we will be the most diverse CBD company online in short time.Next, we plan to enter into other spaces. First we will look into vape mods and accessories. Next we will consider manufacturing equipment. CBD is a ever-growing space. Furthermore, its safe to say we are here for the long haul. In the same way, we want our customers to be here right with us.