CBD is quite reigning in the world, considering its popularity and usability. Be it an apothecary or products general departmental store, you might find CBD products commonly on the shelves. People love it for much-varied reasons, and we can’t say that love is undeserved at all.

Despite the growing fame, sometimes it can be tough to get your hands on authentic CBD flowers. CBD flower is often confused with Marijuana flowers. Well, they both are cannabis.

Though, the difference comes with their pharmacology. CBD flower has more cannabidiol content than THC content, which makes it way less psychoactive compared to weed.

If you are also confused between the two and seek to know everything regarding CBD flower -also known as Hemp flower- this article is just for you.

Let us begin!

What Is A CBD Flower?

Well, as we said above, CBD belongs to family cannabis. It is a dried bud grown on the hemp plant that has the property to not only relax your mind but also cause relief from several symptoms.

CBD flower has an innate ability to calm the brain without causing any high.

With CBD flower, you retain your saneness and can go about your day without feeling any mind-altering effects. It is possible because the Hemp flower has less quantity of THC.

THC is a chemical that is naturally present in cannabis and psychoactive in nature.

However, with CBD, you can remove this factor by lowering it to the minimum quantity.

Here, in the USA, you are only allowed to use a hemp plant with 0.3% THC content. In some of the other places, it is permitted even less.

Judge The Quality Of CBD Flower By Appearance

It is necessary to learn not only to differentiate the CBD flower from weed but also to judge the quality of the flower.

If you are planning to go out in the market and look for only the best quality, it is better to know what it looks like and smells.

Color Of The Flower

Flower colors usually depend on different strains of CBD. It ranges from various shades of green to purple and brown color. The flowers that are brighter and intense in color are usually considered high quality and fresh.

Structure Of The Flower

  • Trichomes

It might be challenging to observe with the naked eyes, but if you look closely with a magnifying glass, you might appreciate beautiful crystal-like hairs on the surface of the flower.

All the cannabinoids are produced in this hairy structure, including CBD and THC. These structures also contain essential oils and terpenes. It solidifies the fact that more the trichomes a flower has, the better will be the quality of it.

To check out the quality, you can also look if the trichomes are hand-trimmed or machine cut. The finely hand-trimmed flowers are considered the best quality, usually.

  • Pistils

Pistils are the colored tufts of hair sprouting at different sites of the flower. They can be golden, pink, orange, purple, or represent other colors.

The colored pistils usually point towards the maturity of the flower rather than the potency.

You can easily judge the quality and be assured that the cultivator knew his work when you see finely colored pistils on the flower.

  • Texture

The texture of the CBD flower is also necessary to consider if you are ever going to buy only high-quality buds. Examine carefully whether the hemp flowers seem dry or wet to touch.

Do they maintain a steady consistency? Do they chop quickly or turn to powder with only a single touch?

All of these factors contribute to the quality of the flowers. Wet flowers can quickly become victims of mold.

Nonetheless, if the flower feels sticky and still holds at touch with slight crumbiness -congratulations, you are holding a high-quality CBD flower.

Smell Of The Flower

Different strains of CBD flower have different aromas -like Sour Diesel has a characteristic diesel smell, and Pineapple Kush has its own sweet and pleasant fragrance.

It is thanks to terpenes that are produced abundantly by the flowers that give them their own much varied and distinctive smell.

When buying a CBD flower, you must judge the quality by the intensity of the aroma.

The pungent smell means fresher and more potent flowers. If the flower smells like hay or doesn’t have a smell at all, better to stay clear of it.

Different Types Of CBD Flower

CBD flower has several strains that can be classification on its own. Howbeit, here we will be talking about four types of CBD flower, depending on cannabidiol content.

1) Smokable Hemp Flower

It is the only type that is considered legal in the US. Thanks to the fact that it has less than 0.3% THC, this CBD flower can be sold and bought easily all over the country.

Furthermore, it is essential to notice that all the types other than smokable hemp plants are still mostly come in Marijuana territory.

2) CBD Dominant Flower

This type of flower contains various ratios of CBD: THC in the range of 5:1 to 20:1.

3) High THC And Low CBD Flower

These flowers are grown with relatively more THC content than other types.

The only point differentiating them from marijuana is that they have higher CBD content compared to marijuana strains but lesser than different CBD strains.

4) Equal CBD: THC Flower

As the name implies, it contains an equal percentage of CBD and THC in a ratio of 1:1.

How To Differentiate Between CBD And Marijuana Flower

CBD and Marijuana flowers both belong to the Cannabis family. They appear almost the same, and only by careful examination, you can differentiate the two.

Hemp flowers are usually taller and thinner with less dense buds than weed.

However, if you are looking to find the best quality hemp plants, make sure that you are getting the ones that don’t appear airy and are devoid of any extra stems, twigs, and leaves.

Although CBD plants and Marijuana flowers don’t differ much in appearance, the THC content they contain makes all the difference here.

We hope, now, you can better differentiate the two and end up with only high-quality hemp flowers.