Loso Loaded Feat. Lil Yachty: Loso Boat

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Loso Loaded Feat. Lil Yachty: Loso Boat   Lil Yachty has done it again with another great music video this time with a new and upcoming artists Loso Loaded. This song has a very nice hood type beat and the verses Lil Yachty spits are pretty good. Since Lil Yachty's debut in the XXL freshman class he has gotten a lot of air time and has proven to be a good fit for the new era of Hip Hop music artists.    

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Post Malone Feat. 21 Savage: Rockstar

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Post Malone Feat. 21 Savage: Rockstar 21 Savage has been doing a lot for the music community lately with numerous hot songs since his debut into the mainstream music scene by being a part of the most recent xxl freshman class. Him, along with other new emerging artists such as Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi have really changed the hiphop scene with this new wave and era of hiphop artists. 21 Savage, a Atlanta based rapper, has really come out the gate shooting with this new single with Post Malone "Rockstar". Be sure to check out the rest of…

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Lil Uzi Vert: The Way Life Goes

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Lil Uzi Vert: The Way Life Goes Lil Uzi Vert has hit the music scene very hard this year. Enjoy his new hit song "The Way Life Goes". Lil Uzi is honestly one of our favorite artists of 2017. His unique flow and sound makes listening to this new hip hop artists a fresh new experience. Ceck out the rest of our site for more on lil uzi vert and others in the music industry that are hott and creating great music. Miami Rave also features smaller local artists who are trying to make it big. Like a opportunity…

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How To Download Music For Free On Youtbue

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Miami Rave is a community built for the music lover! With the tips on our website, we try to provide the best information possible to help people get and see the content that they want all the time. With this trick, you can easily play and create your own favorite playlist of music and content that you love. The best part about this tip is the flexibility that it gives you. Don't have the internet? Cell phone service acting up? Its always good to have a back-up copy of your favorite content and music on your devices stored in…

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Eminem : Not Afraid

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Enjoy one of our favorite music videos from Eminem : Im Not Afraid. Don't be afraid to accomplish anything you want in life! Have that go getter mentality and your success will soon follow. Never give up and grind hard! Sub to this website if you like the videos and content. We appreciate all of the support!

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How To Start A Business With Little To No Money!

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We recently came across an advertisement on social media that was telling people that they could start their dream business with little to no money. It was one of those advertisements that you see where the guy in the video is smiling and shopping at expensive stores in his new super car telling you that he built his huge franchise multi-million dollar corporation from scratch with nothing and no money. It followed the same trend that other videos claiming to help people become successful entrepreneurs follow. We understand that the show and tell looks good, but is the information…

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