Miami Rave Twisty Glass Blunt

Putting Grass Into Glass When You Love Smoking Blunts

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The ways in which Cannabis is consumed is constantly evolving. The avid user has been presented with a wide selection of methods as the last decade proved to be a catalyst for innovation. While things continue to change, there are some things that will always stay the same. This includes a love for a good Blunt. Despite the diverse portfolio of smoking tactics today, the admiration for the herb as it encapsulates inside a sweet leaf does something to us as it kisses our lips with a hint of grape. The Devils Lettuce wrapped in Dutches, Swishers, or Backwoods will…

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Glass Blunt Review From Bubs in LA

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Hey guys, I just wanted to bring a sensational review of our 7 Pipe Glass Blunt to view! It has a lot of the very important highlights that makes us a proud carrier of the 7 Pipe Glass Blunt. This comes to us from Bubs in Los Angeles. This little glass thing is wicked! I haven't had any other piece like this before and I'll try and start from the beginning. Where ever that might be! It's hard to articulate because without being too simple. It really is a glass blunt. So let's delve into why that seems to simple,…

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