Putting Grass Into Glass When You Love Smoking Blunts

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The ways in which Cannabis is consumed is constantly evolving. The avid user has been presented with a wide selection of methods as the last decade proved to be a catalyst for innovation. While things continue to change, there are some things that will always stay the same. This includes a love for a good Blunt. Despite the diverse portfolio of smoking tactics today, the admiration for the herb as it encapsulates inside a sweet leaf does something to us as it kisses our lips with a hint of grape. The Devils Lettuce wrapped in Dutches, Swishers, or Backwoods will…

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Commending The Canes; Catholics Vs Convicts

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From the Flawless Season to the beloved Turnover Chain, it is safe to say that the U is back. What could’ve been a fluke or a brief run built on momentum became a stamp on the Canes Football Program that has been missing for years. The University of Miami continues to deliver through every game while mustering a consistent swagger that has ignited a fandom burning with the nostalgia of previous era. “This to me is the natural order restored…. This is the way a Saturday night in Miami should be.” Empowering words from UM defensive coordinator Manny Diaz after…

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The Velocity Of Vaping & Its Effects On The Cannabis Industry

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Much like with Tobacco, Marijuana has felt the forefront of change as Vaping continues to gain popularity with teens and adults across the States. This in turn has revolutionized the way in which Cannabis is consumed among users offering diverse alternatives. This aided in the appeal for newcomers as well as seasoned consumers as there became multiple methods to the way Cannabis is approached. Unlike the Tobacco industry, Marijuana has gained a new audience as a new landscape continues to be developed. The ability to consume marijuana in concentrated forms such as Oil opened a new door for the audience looking to not…

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Differences in the Plant: Sativa Series

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To close the two part series, we bring you Cannabis Sativa. This more commonly known plant is a whole lot taller and light colored with much more slender branches and leaves. There are quite a few that usually stretch almost 7 meters! These strains come to us from South America and the most southern nation in North America like Mexico and Columbia. These much taller plants take about 12-17 weeks to gestate fully, almost twice that of Cannabis Indica! Vaping Cannabis Sativa is more of an herbal flavor with fruitiness or a sour type of smell sometimes like a salad…

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Differences in the Plants: Indica Series

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So right off the bat we are going to take a look at the visual differences in Cannabis Indica vs. Cannabis Sativa. Indica plants are usually shorter on average with broad, dark green leaves and dense flowers. The strains of these plants usually come from parts of Africa and parts of the Middle East like Morocco, Afghanistan and Tibet. The Indica plants usually mature fully in about six to eight weeks after flowering and the aromas come over the buds in pungent and deep aromas. Vaping Cannabis Indica is more on the relaxing side and more body oriented than it's…

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The Velocity Of Vaping & Its Effects On The Tobacco Industry

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The fixation with smoke dates back through the generations. Something about the gases in our body gets us going. So much so that at a point in our history, we advocated for cigarettes like no tomorrow in order to boost sales among our communities. Before long the infamous "Marlboro Man" and similar campaigns such as "Old Joe Camel" became entities luring the population into another nail in the coffin.   As studies progressed and accountable deaths became noted, the lust for cigarettes  dwindled. Avid users still looking for their fix were compelled to find a new outlet. This in turn,…

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Cooking With Cannabis: Coconut Cannaoil

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Cannabis has been known to be infused with edible products and continues to gain popularity in public eye. As the mood of the nation continues to shift in support of the plant, legislation has loosened the lines we once could not cross. As a result, there has never been a better time to sharpen yours skills as a Cannabis Chef. Today I’m going to give you insight on how to make some of the best “Cannaoil’ you’ll ever find. Now usually the first question I get is whether or not this is oil you can smoke, No, It is not.…

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Keeping Up With Kendall; Miami History Ft. The Mother & Father of Miami

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For many locals on the outside looking in, Kendall seems like a suburban entity separate from the roots of Dade-County. Across the pond from all that is seen, Kendall lies in the South-West section of South Florida beyond the beaches & downtown living. While Kendall is a relatively young part of the city, the history behind the development goes back to the early years of The 3-0-5. Florida gained its statehood in 1845. At this time Miami-Dade County ran from the Hillsboro Inlet at the northern edge of present-day Broward County to Indian Key, 5 miles south of Islamorada. By…

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Winning In Wynwood

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As the Arts continue to thrive in South Florida, businesses continue to win in Wynwood. A freckle on the map of Miami that is generating as much traffic as we see on our highways. The blind side gentrification and development that came with the boom of the hipster bloom birthed a new area in our city. As a result the Wynwood neighborhood has been getting a lot of attention in the eyes of locals as well as the world. The craziest part of it all is that just a decade ago, it was off the grid in the minds of…

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Five Myths About Vaping

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So here we are in November of 2017 and we are about 56 days away from 2018 and we still have some mind-boggling and weird myths around vaping we want to straighten out. Vaping first made it's face in 1963 after Herbert A. Gilbert filed a patent for a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette. This substitute for tobacco resembled the modern e-cigarette. It included heating elements that warmed the flavor cartridges that gave you smokeless, flavored air. So in the mishaps of the tobacco industry lobbying millions of dollars in silly advertisements, let's go over some of these things together, so we…

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