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The past decade has seen a tremendous rise in the sale of weed throughout the globe. The main reason behind this is people are getting to know the positive effects of weed and want to experience these effects for themselves. However, there still are people who have not yet tried but are interested in trying them out. People who are new to this will have a lot of doubts and confusion regarding different stains and the different types of weed available in the market. There is so much competition that everyone is trying their best to sell the weed they have. For this day, they are going to do anything possible to convince the buyers to buy the weed. This is why first-time users must know certain things about the weed beforehand. If they are unaware of the right weed strain, they might end up buying the wrong ones or getting tricked by the sellers. If they know what they are looking for and have some basic knowledge about the strains, then it would be easier for them to differentiate between the right and the wrong ones. and the chances of them getting tricked will be reduced. So they will get to experience the right strains for them. 

First, let us know some basic knowledge about the strains in the market-

There are basically Certain terms that you should know if you are new to weed, as these are some of the basics and very important aspects of any weed strain formation.

  • Sativa– this is a type of strain in which the after-effects of consuming it are a bit energizing. The property of this strain Is to provide a head-high feeling to the user.
  •  Indica- this is a type of strain in which the after-effects of consuming it will give you relaxing and sedating effects. You will feel a body high when you are using it.
  • Hybrid- this is a type of strain that is meant by mixing the properties of both Sativa and Indica. Hence, if you are consuming this strain, you will get some effects of both strains.
  • Pistils- when you have a healthy bird, you will see tiny squiggles on them. These are the female parts of reproduction in these plants. 
  • THC- A short for tetrahydrocannabinol. This is a very important component found in weed plants. This component is responsible for the psychotic properties present in the weed.

Now, let us see which Weed DC strains are famous among users and enthusiasts. There are many strains that are there in the market for use. But when you are a newbie and don’t know much about different weed strains, then it is very confusing for you to decide where to start your weed journey. This is where most of the newbies seek a little help regarding the best weed they should try first. The list we are mentioning here is the list of weeds that most of the Weed users like and recommend for someone who is starting their weed journey.

The Harlequin Strain CBD Hemp Flower

Pineapple Express-

This is one of the most commonly suggested strains by most of the Cannabis and weed lovers who recommend this for first-time users. This is the best strain if you want to feel the kick that you get out of consuming THC. It is a cross between the Hawaiian and the train wreck and has a Sativa-dominant mix of properties. The undertone of pineapple gives it the fruity punch that makes it even more desirable. The citrusy and tiny flavors together mix and create a flavor that the users would crave. After consuming it, the user will get a creative and uplifting sensation, which would make them Energetic and ready to work on the chores that they were planning to do but were not able to do before.

Blue Dream-

The mountains of Santa Cruz, California, have given birth to this amazing weed strain. The purple-hued strain goes way back to yesterday when this was a high in-demand strain whose popularity brought It Back To Life in recent times. The main reason behind people liking this strain is the right amount of body and head high they get after consuming it. It not only offers the right amount of energy and opens up the creative aspect of the mind but also gives the right amount of body relaxation to keep the body in a position of relief. The Berry and the pine flavors add to this inclination and make people want more of this. The right amount of relaxation and upliftment is also good for the newbies who are trying to order.

Purple Haze-

The list would not be complete without the mention of this strain. This is one of the most popular strains, even among regular weed users. The Haze lineage crossing the Sativa gives birth to this strain. A mixture of RD and Berry flavors is really amazing. The overall after-effect of consuming the strain is getting an energetic or creative upliftment, and a Vibe of energy would make you feel more joyous and ready to create something.

The bottom line-

When you are new to this field, you definitely need someone to walk you through the right strains so you have the ultimate experience. If you start off wrong, then you might end up not liking the experience, thereby missing out on some of the beautiful experiences you can have.


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