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Cannabis, Sativa, Indica, cannabinoids, and CBD are certain words that you might have heard when looking for cannabis-based products. In recent times, you might have also heard about a new term – Terpenes. There might be a lot of confusion regarding this term. Many people who have just started understanding the details of cannabis would find it very intimidating to learn a new term.

The main confusion around this term arises as people start believing it to be another compound they need to know about when learning more about cannabis. It may seem to be a repetitive word usage related to cannabis, making it sound like a very important component. But to tell you that this is not another compound they need to learn about while understanding the basics of cannabis.

Did we hear a pheww!

Don’t worry; however intimidating this new word might seem, understanding it is much simpler. We here in this article will let you know about Terpenes, their importance, their concentration, and why you should know about them before you buy a cannabis product.

What do experts know about Terpenes?

Terpenes are chemical compounds that are naturally occurring and are found in some animals and plants. Yes, you heard it right; these chemical compounds are found in plants and certain animals.

When dealing with various types of vegetation, the colors, flavors, and even Aroma associated with that vegetation are due to the terpenes. And when you are dealing with cannabis, the importance of terpenes is even more as the taste and fragrance of cannabis strains that make them different from each other is a work of terpenes.

Seeing the chemical compound work wonders, experts have devised processes to produce products like pesticides, solvents for cleaning, dyes, etc. Terpenes are so involved in improving products that they are also used as a medication for therapeutic purposes.

as mentioned before, many plants have discovered nickel compounds in them, but when it comes to extraction for proper use of these, the common sources used by people include:

  • Herbs with Aroma like thyme and sage
  • Citrus fruits
  • Most important cannabis

Do they have psychoactive effects on your brain?

If you expect the traditional sense of feeling high, terpenes won’t make you high. But since they affect your brain, they are considered psychoactive in nature.

Experts believe that terpenes do not have the intoxicating effect that most psychoactive elements have, but they do believe that the terpenes, in a way, impact the effects of THC. As the THC and the cannabinoid are responsible for making you feel high. Terpenes, in a way, are affecting your brain in this process.

Most cultivators and sellers of cannabis and cannabis-based products say that the consumers are far more interested in THC content and emphasize choosing a strain with a particular THC level. But after having such expertise in the field, it is recommended by the researchers that the emphasis on THC should be shifted to terpene profiles. People don’t consider this and still look for the desired results. While THC content is important, they should focus more on the terpenes to get what they want.

You might be surprised that proper studies are being conducted in this field. Well, the preliminary results are very positive. Initial outcomes suggest that the terpenes’ potential benefits include treating multiple mental health conditions like bipolar disorder, PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

How do they work?

Studies about terpenes have revealed that plants and animals have them in-store as they help in protecting them from predators and harsh weather. Human trials and studies on their effects are still under process. There is a lot of mystery to be uncovered in this area. But many cannabis researchers and consumers are classifying their cannabis products depending on the different amounts of terpenes they have. They then have a proper understanding of their effects. 

The differences in terpenes are increasingly understood by the consumers and how they are affecting the psychoactive nature of cannabis. As the understanding has increased, the demand for understanding the terpene profile of different strains is increasing. People now go for the strains depending on the terpene profile to get what they desire.

Since there is still much work needed in this area, the main hypotheses regarding terpenes are that the dominant terpenes are responsible for the difference created among different strains. The amount of cannabinoid content is also a work of them. So when you are looking for THC and CBD content in a cannabis strain, the effects can be different depending on the amount of terpene this plant has. So, indirectly the different strains and their effects are associated with the terpene found in that plant.

Cannabis Terpenes

Terpenes types and their benefits.

Like the other components that make up cannabis, terpenes also have 350+ different types, but experts select only a handful for their association with certain specific effects.


This is one of the most important and known terpenes to mankind as they are studied to have potential benefits when you are dealing with depression and other fatal diseases. The anti-cancer and anti-depression properties are what make them so important. If you have ever been to a coniferous forest, you can easily identify the smell or fragrance given by these terpenes.


This is another terpene that is very famous among experts for the sedition effects they possess. The antibacterial and fungal properties make the pin a desirable one for its medicinal use. Fruits like mangoes get their fragrance from terpenes. So you can easily understand what kind of fragrance they are responsible for creating.


This terpene is more common and abundantly found in many citrus fruits and plants. Terpenes give the distinctive citrus fragrance. There have also been trials on animals like mice or rats, and they have shown tremendous potential in solving mental health conditions like depression. They also have a lot of potential cancer-treating properties, which are now being studied.


The effect of this terpene has been used in traditional and folk medicine for a long time. Normally found in plants like ginseng, they have many medicinal properties that make them a topic for study.

Tips for benefit maximization

Always look for fresh ones- 

Terpene, when left unused for a long period, its concentration tends to diminish. So you have to look for the packaging date of the products you are purchasing. For instance, if you purchase a recently packaged product, you will get better concentration than the one packaged slightly before. You can also experience the difference as you sniff the product. The fragrance of the flower would be much better when new. And when that is, you will know that the terpene has not diminished, so the freshness of the product is intact and has not gone stale.

Maintain a table

When you try different strains with different terpene profiles, you must maintain a journal or a table to jot down the ingestion amounts and the feeling you had after consuming it. This will help you understand what levels of terpenes suit you the best after a certain time. So next time you buy a cannabis product, you will know which one you want for the desired effects.

Always check for the levels of terpenes on the label.

Many branded cannabis products have terpene profiles included in their ingredient list. Make it a habit to read the label for a particular terpene profile. So when you are making a table for your strain and levels of terpenes, it would be easier for you to write down the levels.

Final thoughts

The terpenes might not be a known compound when you are talking about cannabis products, but they have an important role. Whenever you are buying cannabis products, as you know, they are made from THC and CBD contents in them. So if you are looking for a particular type of psychedelic effect, then you have to look for the Terpenes profile in them. Terpenes are not a high-inducing component of the cannabis plant, but they have an indirect effect on the THC and CBD concentration of the plant. This, in a way, affects your brain with psychoactive effects.


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