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Cannabis has taken a toll on common people and medical practitioners. There has been a lot of improvement in the reputation of cannabis since its legalization in over 50 states. All Thanks to this green herb’s benevolent properties to be potent enough to treat several numbers of serious healthcare issues. 

Cannabis has been popular and becomes the most sought after since the researchers have claimed its goodness in a number of studies. Moreover, there is anecdotal evidence of the same that play a major role. 

Learning the importance of the CBD Strains, Miami Rave has come up with the best CBD products that bring instant relief from pain and other associated troubles. 

Besides, cannabis being the recent alternate treatment, one needs to learn more about it. It is composed of CBD and THC– the two cannabinoids of cannabis responsible for imparting medical benefits and giving psychoactive effects. 

Different strains of cannabis have different effects on the consumer due to their varying profile of cannabinoids and other compounds. Today, we shall explore the top 5 strains to cure pain.


Top 5 CBD Strains for Pain

CBD Mango Haze

One of the best CBD strains is CBD Mango Haze that contains a peppery and sweet flavor of tropical mango. It has a ratio of CBD and THC of about 1:1 or 2:1. This Mango haze is perfect for suffering from stress and without a high. The effect is really strong, euphoric, and calm at the same time. It is ideal for people with a lack of appetite and mild pain. CBD Mango Haze is the perfect cannabis strain for people looking to deal with pain without a euphoric high.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web has low CBD and high THC content (less than 0.3%). Charlotte’s Web cannabis strain is a strain named after a young patient who was epileptic and was suffering from seizures. This is the perfect choice for making it popular among children. This cannabis strain has a high CBD strain, and it has a woody/earthy taste. If you are looking for relaxation and combat mild pain. The consumer faces dizziness and a little anxiety sometimes on consuming this CBD strain. 

Dance World

The name itself explains that the CBD strain is responsible for making you euphoric and bringing you a high. This is perfect for people with stress and lack of focus and energy. Dance World is a hybrid of Juanita La Lagrimosa and Dancehall. It has a flowery, sweet undertone along with an earthy taste. If you are looking for a pleasant and uplifting experience and do not bring any psychoactive effects. This helps in managing and relieving from pain for a good amount of time after a one-time consumption of ingestion.


The Harlequin CBD Strain– is perfect for the ones who are looking to deal with their daily pain relief- whether chronic or not. It helps in curbing the effects of dangerous and opioid loaded pain effects. It has a strong CBD content and THC ratio- 5:2. The ratio is thus chosen because it helps in mitigating the pain as well as help in making sure that the consumer does not have THC high. Harlequin is also responsible for causing dry mouth and eyes in some of the cases. Moreover, it also has anti-inflammatory effects besides pain relief. 

Hawaiian Dream

If you are looking for a strain that has high CBD and helps in reducing stress, then Hawaiin Dream is a perfect strain. It offers emotional relief to consumers. Hawaiin dream is a hybrid of two strains. It has a CBD and THC ratio of 2:1. The high CBD content does not bring strong buzz or couch locking effects. Hawaiian Dream has a calming effect and proffers a clear mind. This strain helps in getting medical effects like overcoming the draining effects and makes the consumer able to be productive enough. 

The Final Thoughts

These are the top CBD strains that can make your day by relieving you from pain and mitigate the psychoactive effects. CBD content is beneficial for those who are suffering from pain. Make either of these CBD strains your best friend so that you have a productive day as well as relieve pain. In addition to these, get solutions even for your anxiety, depression, and other mind-related illness. However, it is always recommended to contact the marijuana doctors before indulging in consuming any cannabis strain for any kind of medical or health-related issues you are facing. 


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