Ever wondered if there was a one-stop place to buy all your cannabis-related stock?

Well, if you haven’t heard about them, there are places called smoke shops (or head shops) that sell CBD oils/e-juices, pipes, bongs, rolling paper, e-cigarettes and more.

Previously smoke shops were characterized as underground hipster turfs.
With the legalization of cannabis in some US states and redefined market image, the taboo that smoke shops are shady has changed significantly.

Smoke shops are on the rise, and there is a reason why.

Firstly, it is almost a hassle to find such products and accessories in convenience or grocery stores.

Secondly, such technical products need knowledgeable shop staff not likely found in regular stores.

And lastly, the profitability of smoke shops has led to the rise of more shops being opened, making it more convenient and ushering new consumers.

Instead of having a negative stigma, now smoke shops are considered trendy specialized destinations for all cannabis-related accessories.

If you reside in South Florida and wondering about a good smoke shop in your area, stick around!

In this article, we’ll tell you all the details about Miami Rave and why we believe it’s the best smoke shop in South Florida.

Let’s get started.

CBD: What, Why and Where to Buy

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is the main component of medical marijuana. It doesn’t create a ‘high’ in users and serves medicinal purposes.

It has produced some great health benefits, like helping with anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain.

CBD has even proven effective with childhood epilepsy syndromes and treating seizures.

Because of the awareness of CBD benefits, they are now everywhere. From human uses of oils, lattes, lotions, facials to pet products.

Compared to recreational marijuana, which is legal in only 11 states, medicinal marijuana has been approved by 33 US states plus DC, which means there is a broader market.

As CBD market boosts, so does smoke shops’ sales.

However, proper care needs to be taken while using CBD. As per the website Inquirer.Net, low-quality CBD is toxic and has damaged airways and breathing apparatuses (Kane, 2019).

Hence it is impertinent to ensure high-quality smoke shops are promoted.

Miami Rave: A Brief Introduction

Now we’ll tell you about the leading supplier of all things CBD, Miami Rave!

Starting functioning in 2010, they have garnered a small but quite a loyal customer base.

Huge variety and exceptional quality of CBD products and the efficient services prove it to be the best smoke shop in South Florida.

Most of the products include pure hemp extract, essential oils, and omega/fatty acids. They are all-natural, organic, have low THC, skin-friendly, and light on the pocket!

People with different illnesses, hair and skin problems have found Miami Rave to suit their needs better. CBD gummies are even safe for kids to consume.

Featured Products:

Here are some of their featured products:

1) Miami Rave Crazy Leprechaun “Magic Scout Cookies” Cartridge

Can you recall the days in the office when you need a cookie to feel better? Feel nauseous? Want to get rid of pain or maybe increase appetite? Well, here you go.

With sweet, refreshing tropical flavors that leave a delightful aftertaste, these cookies combine taste with pleasure.

Check the latest price here.

2) Miami Rave Lemon Man “Lemon Sour Diesel” Cartridge

With similar sweet tropical flavors, yet with just the right potency to strike a balance!

This product has a rich honey taste and an even richer taste, which will brighten up your day.

Want to make your mornings more fulfilling?

Then what are you waiting for? Grab your lemony magic!

Check the latest price here.

3) CBD distillate Oil (Glass Syringe)

Want something more comfortable to use than bottles or droppers? Well, Miami Rave’s glass syringe works wonders.

You don’t need too much to get into a comfort zone, just one drop! Say goodbye to pain and discomfort, and yes, to instant relief through this syringe.

Check the latest price here.

4) Rave Gummies

Like to chew candies a lot? Want a quick fix to calm your nerves?

This CBD edible is perfect for you then.

Without harming your oral health, these sugar-free gummies will be your go-to in no time.

With their resealable and smell proof bags, rave gummy is a convenient everyday item.

Check the latest price here.

A Leader at Customer Service

Miami Rave has been in the business for ten years now, and for excellent reasons. Remember those experiences where you want to understand a shop product and the staff is of no help?

Doesn’t the entire situation feel distasteful and futile?

Well, Miami Rave is known for its knowledgeable staff. Doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or one-hundredth!

Along with excellent service, they maintain their reputation as a vegan and cruelty-free shop.

Miami Rave loves the ecosystem and it’s sustainability as all the products are eco-friendly.

All the products are free from gluten and all sorts of allergens.

And not only this, Miami Rave offers free delivery over $250, and if you don’t like the product, there is a 7-days 100% money-back guarantee! How awesome is that?

Last but not least, there is a 24/7 CBD delivery service to ensure they cater to your needs around the clock.


  • High-quality products- All natural, organic, low THC, vegan & cruelty-free ingredients.
  • Wide range of CBD products.
  • Pocket-friendly prices.
  • Excellent customer service with knowledgeable staff.
  • Free delivery over $250.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  • 24/7 CBD delivery.


  • Minimal social media presence.
  • Lack of presence in stores like Amazon.


All in all, Miami Rave’s pros outweigh the few cons it has. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and check out the shop! If you live far away, there is nothing to worry about.

Check out their website here.

We hope your experience is as fun as ours!

Which product did you like the most? Let us know in the comments.