Commending The Canes; Catholics Vs Convicts

From the Flawless Season to the beloved Turnover Chain, it is safe to say that the U is back. What could’ve been a fluke or a brief run built on momentum became a stamp on the Canes Football Program that has been missing for years. The University of Miami continues to deliver through every game while mustering a consistent swagger that has ignited a fandom burning with the nostalgia of previous era.

“This to me is the natural order restored…. This is the way a Saturday night in Miami should be.” Empowering words from UM defensive coordinator Manny Diaz after the Canes humbled an old rival, Notre Dame, with a 41-8 whooping at the Hard Rock Stadium in South Florida. A true test of talent as the Fighting Irish came into the bout with a No. 3 Ranking while UM held a spot at No. 7. The classic “Catholics Vs. Convicts” showdown was catalyzed by the ESPN Game Day coverage that fueled the fire both on and off the field as fans filled the stands. The University of Miami also had Blast From The Past support as Alumni like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson showing love on social media & Ed Reed (among others) who visited the training facility in the days leading up to the big game. A record 300 former Canes players & Coaches were in attendance further highlighting the deep roots in the program that’s stood for 82 seasons. The collective support from the community has also played a role in the upset that became a rally cry in the hearts of locals who have been patiently waiting the Return Of The U.


By Sunday, The Canes landed a seat on ESPN’s Top 5 Power Rankings at No. 2, sharing the stage with Alabama (No. 1), Clemson (No. 3), Oklahoma (No. 4), & Wisconsin (No. 5)

It wouldn’t be wise to celebrate on the 20 yard line but if consistency continues to reflect on the ambitious Canes Squad, it would be foolish to not see where they are headed. With 5 National Titles under their belt (1983, 1987, 1989, 1991, 2001) and the background branding of being the school that “invented swag”, the program is no stranger to Championships. In the same respect, they are no strangers to turmoil. As the seasons have rolled by, UM has been struck with Sanctions that restricted the use of scholarships, Coaching that has been lackadaisical, and performances that can be deemed mediocre at best. That being said, it’s becoming pretty clear that this run isn’t just built on momentum. A 15 year long drought is enough to leave anybody hungry and from the looks of it, our boys at the U are finally eating. Feels DAMN good to be a Hurricane, and never forget, it’s ALL about The U baby.




Dedicated To Gabriel Hernandez, RIP. #LongLiveBigJak


Special Thanks to Catherine Garrido; Assistant Director, Graduate Business Recruiting & Admissions


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