3 Myths and Misconceptions About CBD Busted

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The CBD market will grow with a predicted growth to reach more than $22 billion in the next two years. Approximately, more than half the people who use CBD do so to treat an underlying medical condition. However, many people still believe it to be an overhyped, and irresponsibly endorsed product of celebrity culture.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about one of the most popular cannabinoids, CBD, which can deter you from trying out some amazing CBD based products. Doing your research can help you make informed decisions and reap the benefits that you might miss out on otherwise.

It’s time to put the matter to rest and bust some CBD myths!

Myth 1: It isn’t easy to research on CBD

Previously, the hemp plant was classified as a Schedule 1 narcotic by the United States government, making it challenging to research the plant. However, it has been removed from the list, and several universities, including Columbia University, are doing plenty of research on CBD and its effectiveness for treating medical conditions like glioblastoma.

Myth 2: CBD is ineffective in treating medical conditions

The truth is, if you’re not taking CBD to treat any specific medical condition, you will have a difficult time seeing any viable results. A range of physical and mental health benefits research indicates it can relieve symptoms of chronic pain and even inflammation. CBD is an FDA-approved drug that’s widely used to treat childhood seizure disorders as well.

Myth 3: CBD hits you and gives you a high

Unlike THC, CBD is not as psychoactive, but some components in the products can alter the mood and improve it. It works differently for different people, and while some may feel an immediate improvement in their mood and symptoms, it can take longer for others.

Again, to track any improvement in symptoms, you need to know why you’re taking it first. Before you start supplementing CBD oil in your diet, list down the signs and any changes you see over a few weeks and vary the dosafe you’re taking, accordingly.

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